Petrel 33


Petrel 33: widen your horizons

Petrel 33 is the logical evolution of her smaller sister Petrel 28 , with the task to expand the horizons of cruising activity for a 4-6 person crew, raising the bar of onboard comfort, keeping the boat size under the critical (for a homebuilder) size of 34 foot – 10 meters of overall length.

A “new classic” looking cruiser, sturdy, with no frills and weird solutions, ready to let you sail with a decent speed and a very good comfort level both at anchor and sailing.

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Petrel 28 piani di costruzione

Otto metri e ottanta di comode crociere. Un pratico cruiser con linee d'acqua equilibrate, per navigare con piacere in tutte le condizioni; Una barca affidabile  e robusta, facile da costruire in legno/epoxy con il sistema radius chine.

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